Logistics Support for Marine Company

Batoni Consulting and Logistics Services are Trusted and reliable partner with Excellent relationship with authorities, Professionals, well experienced, skilled & dedicated team, Monitoring and managing disbursements/expenses on a Real time updates and reporting. with our In-depth knowledge of ports and terminals we are able to provide a profesional Logistics Support for Marine Companies all over the world.
We also provide leasing and purchase of aircraft's, processing of permits and ground handling support for our clients. we are not limited to the local market as we provide a global support for all our clients.

Our marine & offshore logistics is well positioned to respond to the oilfield needs of our clients. We have at our disposal, the technology to deliver prompt and efficient services within our region of operations backed by the expertise of our technical partners and employees. 

We are capable of supplying the following type of vessels and much more:

Crew Boats : We also provide anchored or dynamic positioned crew boats for transporting employees of client companies from the shore to offshore locations like drilling rigs, platforms and other remote installations offshore. These boats are of different varieties and can be customized to our client’s requirement and specification on request.
Supply and Utility Vessels: We also provide supply and utility vessels to our clients for logistic support and transportation of goods, tools, equipment and personnel to and fro offshore oil platforms and other offshore structures.
Escort and Patrol Vessels: We also have vessels which can be used to escort cargo and personnel to and fro offshore oil platforms and other offshore structures.
Other Maritime Assets: Based on our strategic alliances in the Maritime sector, we also have the ability to sort on a bare boat basis from different maritime hubs in the world . Our partners have the ability to provide PSV, Tug boats and Barges.

Why use our Marine Services

  • High operating standards
  • High level of sea-worthiness of our vessels is guaranteed
  • High technical/service standards in full compliance with NMA and international standards
  • High health, safety standards and practices
  • Environmentally friendly company policies and practices
  • High caliber technical crew onboard our vessels with International marine certifications
  • Continuous quest for excellent service delivery, as attested to by our various clients
  • Good community relations with every host community we work with.

For all your professional Marine and Logistics support, Batoni Consulting and Logistics Limited is your sure bet.


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